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Belize snorkeling and Belize reefs

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Belize snorkeling at Holchan Marine  Reserve, Belize Coral Gardens Belize , Shark Ray Alley, Belize Laughing bird Caye


HOLCHAN MARINE RESERVE                                                           Belize beaches Belize reefs

Holchan Marine Reserve is  easy accessible as a day trip from either Caye Caulker or Ambergris Caye.

Holchan is considered to be the oldest Marine Reserve  established in May of 1987. Almost the entire reserve which covers some 3 square miles focuses on a cut through the reef some 30 yards wide and some 25 ft  this site is located some 4 miles south east of San Pedro the small town in Ambergris Caye. Due to its protected status which was once almost depleted fishing area has made a great come back  and has now been allowed to regenerate making it an unparalleledFrigatebird Belize birds diving and Snorkeling  experience. Also offers a great refuge to marine life in that area or say the northern section of the Barrier reef. You can see a number of Belize birds out a sea some may include Whimbrels, Magnificent frigatebirds and much more…

There are a  number of tour companies that offer this tour from either of the islands mentioned above. While snorkeling you can enjoy hundred of colorful fish and sea earchens  as well as  viewing and swimming with the Nurse sharks.


BELIZE CORAL GARDENS (half day tour) Tour departs 10:30 and  returns around Mid daySnorkeling in Belize

This tour takes you to the the coral reef located a short  boat ride from Caye Caulker.  This Belize snorkel tour  includes three stops:

The Channel, Shark Ray Alley, and Coral Gardens . It is an easy tour and great for beginner snorkelers and others that do not like long boat rides but still want to enjoy the  life that lies under water.  After spending approximately 45 minutes of snorkeling at Coral Gardens, you will take a four-minute ride to the famous Stingray Alley. On most days, it’s not long before rays swim toward the boat. They’re attracted by the prospect of sardines and other chum fish that we toss their way.   They are very harmless your guide will  be in the water with you to make the most of your Belize snorkel experience and will offer snorkeling advice as the  Eagle rays and turtles glides around. You will be dazzled by coral formations  teeming with marine life in pristine waters,  not to mentions the hundreds of colorful fishes from snappers to parrot fish,  and much more….