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Belize Caves

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Belize Caves. Belize Cave tubing

The majestic caves of Belize possess beauty and mystery. The wonders of geological creation display spectacular limestone formations. In addition to the geological aspects, there are numerous relics of the ancient Maya culture inside these caves. The Mayas believed caves to be the openings to the underworld. These caves in Belize held power and awe for them. They made ritual deposits in caves, for reasons such as to beckon rains.


Belize Cave TubingCave tubing in Belize is one of most popular and fun tour to do in your Belize vacation. Caves branch (Nooch Chen) consists of a series of caves found on the caves branch river located about 1 ½ hrs drive from the lodge. Once we get there you can change into your swimwear grab an inner tube, life jacket and headlamp and off we go on an easy 45 minute walk on a jungle trail as your guide explains the plants and wildlife you may encounter and see along the way. Swim in one of Belize crystal clear river or getting started on the fun part is sitting on the inner tube to float through the caves. The water is about 73 degrees. This tour can be combined with the Zip line tour.

What to Bring: Camera, drinking water, insect repellent and sunscreen. Wearing shorts is fine, swimwear and pack a change of clothes so you got something dry to get into after cave tubing. You may want to bring things you won’t mind getting wet.

Belize cave tubing (Half to 2/3 Day)Includes: trasnporation, guide and gears. Driving time: 1 ½ hrs Fitness: moderate

Actun Tunichil Muknal (The Cave of The Stone Sepulcher)

Artifacts of Actun Tunichil MuknalOver 200 ceramic vessels adorn the chambers of Actun Tunichil Muknal. The culture, history and geological formations create an unrivalled natural museum. A gallery like one has never seen before! Travel back in time as we explore this large cave, untouched since the Maya last visited centuries ago. Located in the heart of the Tapir Mountain one of the many Belize’s Nature reserve, 6,700 acres managed by the Belize Audubon society, a huge entrance in a limestone hill welcomes you at the end of your 45-minute walk through lush, undisturbed jungle vegetation.

A short swim at the entrance is followed by a couple of hours wading in waist-deep, 73-degree, crystal-clear water, and a short climb up a winding passage brings you to the main chamber measuring 350 meters. While exploring the cave you view many artifacts, both pottery and human remains, not to mention the ATM CAVESintricate stalactite and curtain formations.

What to wear: Suitable clothes and footwear, e.g. hiking shoes, must be worn for the trip. A change of clothes is also recommended for the end of the day. Bring along tip money for your guide at end of the day.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (sepulcher cave) Full DayIncludes: entrance fees, pack lunches, guide and transportation and a little cash as everything is included
Departs: 8 a.m
 Driving time: 1 1/2 hrs
Fitness: moderate to good

Chechem Ha ( poison water) Half Day

Optional a 2/3 to full day if combined with Xunantunich ruins. This complex Belize cave system was discovered in 1989 by the Morales. Exploring the caves will allow you to view large stalactite formations, intact ancient artifacts such as large storage vessels, plates, burial grounds and a mysterious stelae. These caves have been abandoned since the Pre-Classic 600 B.C – 800 A.D.

After the cave, you will be treated to a home-cooked lunch, served at the home of the Morales. After lunch, you may decide to hike down for a refreshing swim or simply sit back atop a hill and take in the view of the valleys.

What to Bring: Camera,  binoculars, drinking water. Wear shorts or pants and hiking boots. Bring along swimwear, water shoes or sandals, insect repellent and sun screen. Be prepared to get a bit muddy.

Chechem Ha Caves Includes: Guide, and Transportation. A stop for lunch at own expense average US $8.00
Departs: 8:00 a.m 
Driving time: 1 hr
Fitness: moderate to good

Barton Creek Caves

Canoe tour at Barton CreekMost people find the canoe tour by torchlight through this cave unforgettable. Its large river passage and pristine formations are just two of the reasons why this appeals to both local and foreign visitors. Besides its natural beauty the site is made even more interesting by the presence of a wide range of archaeological remains that were left there by the ancient Maya visitors. Archaeologists believe that this cave was used for ritual purposes. This tour can be combined with a visit to the Green Hills Butterfly Farm and the Big Rock Waterfalls.

What to Bring: Camera, binoculars, drinking water.Belize caves,Barton Creek CavesWearing shorts is fine; bring swimwear to go for a dip in the creek, water shoes or sandals to go swimming on the slippery rocks and plenty of sunscreen. If combining with Big Rock Falls, wear sturdy shoes with traction for a 10 minutes hike down a steep hill, well worth it.

Barton Creek Caves (3 hrs to Half Day)Includes: gear, transportation, guide, and an optional stop at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch
Big Rock falls, Butterfly farm and Barton Creek Cave, ( 2/3 to Full Day)
We can either pack a lunch or stop at Blancaneaux Lodge for lunch at own expense.
Departs: 8:30 a.m Driving time: 45 mins
Fitness: moderate

Elijio Panti National Park

One of the newest Belize National Parks and community oriented reserve in the area. This Belize Reserve encompasses an area of 1,600 acres and was designated a national park in 2001 by the Government of Belize. Within the park there are hundreds of species of plants and orchids as well as a healthy population of Belize birds and other wildlife. The pristine “Sakt’aj waterfalls and the Offering Cave are just a couple of the main reasons to visit.

Elijio Panti National Park is maintained as a relatively undisturbed tropical rainforest where people continue to access and enjoy the nature-based recreational and cultural activities. Conservation of the natural and cultural heritage of the park is the key focus of management. Tour organized on special requests only.

What to Bring: Camera preferably underwater or disposable, swimwear, drinking water, wear hiking shoes or sandals, insect repellent and sunscreen. Wearing shorts is fine, and pack a change of clothes so you got something dry to get into after caving and hiking.

Elijio Panti National Park (Half to 2/3 Day)Includes: transportation, guide and gears.Visit to the waterfall and caving Departs: 8:00 a.m Driving time: 1 1/2 hrs Fitness: moderate to good

Our guides are experienced spelunkers and have taken courses in swift water rescue. Also see Rio Frio Caves on Day tour to Caracol

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